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Originally Posted by ia75 View Post
I was just (repeatedly) denied by BCBS FEP and I am quite devastated. Since open season is coming around, I am hoping to switch to someone to try again!
As someone with BCBS FEP, I'm in the same boat. If you receive any feedback, would you be willing to pass it along...since I'm considering Europe vice dealing with FEHB at this point
4/07:LBP + radiculopathy=severe L5-S1 herniation , 7/07:Micro-D, 08-09:Reherniation, 09-17: periodic residual symptoms (conservative modalities to maintain "stability" = prolotherapy, ESI/nerve blocks/facet injections, chiro, massage, phys ther), 7/17 pain in neck/right shoulder radiating into hand (no trauma involved), 7-10/17 Conservative treatment to date include physical therapy/dry-needling/facet-injections (C4/5 to C6/7). Researching surgical options should progression continue.
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