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Here's another update from our friend Laurie. Patients and doctors in Arizona may want to check out this event!

Insurance Warrior Offers RX to make Insurers Pay

Cancer survivor Laurie Todd fought her health insurer’s denial of care and won; she now offers a battle-tested 10-step plan to help others fight back when insurance won’t pay.

The U.S. healthcare system is focused on controlling costs by denying care. This industry-wide posture causes everything from financial ruin to death. And yet the medical care that cost $1 million in 1970 would cost at least $16 million today.

Recent cancer survivor Laurie Todd has come to the rescue of patients nationwide. With her new book Fight Your Health Insurer and Win: Secrets of the Insurance Warrior, Todd shows ordinary people how to get insurers to pay their fair share.

Diagnosed in 2005 with appendix cancer, Todd was told by her doctors that post-operative treatment wasn’t necessary, and that her condition was manageable. Todd’s research suggested otherwise. The 57-year-old Washington native discovered a proven but expensive combination of surgery and chemotherapy, but was told by her oncologist, “There is no treatment for your disease. And, even if there were, they wouldn’t pay for it.

Ms. Todd worked tirelessly to appeal her insurer’s decision. First, she consulted with the world’s expert on appendix cancer. She then spent two months building her case—studying insurance law, gathering proof, and analyzing lawsuits against health insurers. Todd succeeded in getting her insurer to fully cover her lifesaving treatment, which totalled $345,000. Her share? Nine dollars.

Throughout 2006 Todd helped dozens of people, pro bono, to overturn denials of care—never losing a case. Many insurers, many conditions, all over the country. Seeking to spread the gospel further, Todd secured the backing of a major cancer research foundation to publish Fight Your Health Insurer and Win.


Saturday, November 24 ● 10:00 a.m.

The Eccentric Gourmet
3434 W. Anthem Way #160
Anthem, AZ
ph. 623 551-4445
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