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Default Not Cervical

But I would talk to your doctor about a Two Level Mobi-C, maybe you can have one of the Fusions removed, or above or below, or above and below, the mobi-c is approved for two levels.

The insurance is real funny, they will fight like the dickens, and say it is NOT approved, then go back at them, AFTER you have it done, and they will reimburse.
Risky, but it does work, in some cases.

First, Talk to your doctor about the Mobi-C, have them submit the paperwork to the insurance.
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L2-3 herniation, two days before Thanksgiving, 2012, Discectomy/Laminectomy, 3/13 Numbness in the right leg, lateral femoral, gone, July 10, 2014 L45 M6 ADR, July 15 PLIF L5-S1, Not able to access L51 Anterior.
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