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Default maybe a lawer or activL® Artificial Disc Patient Assistance Line (PAL):

I found this recommendation for a lawyer that will help with getting insurance to pay from Dr Bertangnoli web site. I am sure it won't be free.

David Suddendorf, Attorney-at-Law

Have you tried the Active L Patient Assistance line? They have staff available to help free of charge. You would have to get your surgeons office to call the them.

Resources include:

A reimbursement support line for pre-authorization, appeals and external review
Template letters, coding guide and supporting literature
Ongoing reimbursement landscape monitoring and analysis

activL® Artificial Disc Patient Assistance Line (PAL):
Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm ET
Tel: 844-245-1140
Fax: 844-285-1330
2007 Herniated L5/S1 Lifting changing X-ray tube at work. MRI PT/ Steroid shots/med
2009 switched to Remote/phone support
2010 workman’s comp lawsuit
2011 Microdiscectomy approved 80% pain relief
2011-2016 few flare ups but would always get beter after a few days.
6/2016 Pain is not going way
07/2016 MRI, tramodol, Nucynta, Celebrex
08/2016 Regenerxx PL-Disc shot- didn’t work at all
10/2016 can't even stand or sit for work for 30 minutes before pain gets worse
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