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Question Does UnitedHealth cover ADR surgery overseas?

Hello All,

I have a feeling many of us are looking to get ADR surgery overseas due to surgeons with more experience, more options, and or a wider array of ADR devices to choose from than are available here in the United States (FDA approval limitations).

I have UnitedHealth, and I know they do cover 1 level Lumbar ADR, but is it only state side?

Has anyone here been reimbursed for ADR surgeries overseas, and was it for a non FDA approved Artificial Disc? Will insurance companies still pay for the surgery just not the hardware?

Im looking at an L5-S1 ADR not approved here in the states, like the AxioMed Freedom or LP-ESP 3rd gen devices. Most of the people I have spoken to about oversees ADR have had the M6 implant, also not approved state side.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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