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Hi - I had an L4-5 ADR with Dr. Clavel 4 months ago. Filed the international claim with BCBS, who sent it to my local BCBS of MN who denied it all saying it was not a medical necessity and that the procedure is therefore not approved. Can you please share with me how to go about the appeal process? I will really appreciate it. I am trying to get as much information frm all successful appeal candidates so that I put the package together as best as possible! It appears I cannot private message you. Thank you,
47 yr old biochemist/golfer in Los Angeles
7 years back and neck pain; L4-5 annular tear, C5-6 herniation
2015/16: PT, Acupuncture, epidural/facet injections
2015: 4th cranial nerve palsy and double vision/vertical strabismus, not sure if related in any way to neck/back
2017: Scheduling for L4-5 ADR in LA, insurance pushback
2017: Looking at ADR in Europe now
12/14/17: L4-5 ADR by Dr. Clavel, Spain
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