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Originally Posted by Deborah View Post
In researching how to get my hubs hybrid surgery covered, I did get this list from Prodisc (in late Nov). So far, not many are hopping on board, but that is changing! Most important, it requires a doctor willing to advocate for the patient and prove the proposed procedure is appropriate. Here's the list I have (and hope to add at least one more very soon):

Aetna routinely approves LADR, and it has been approved by Signa in Arizona, Arkansas, Montana and New Jersey, Blue Cross, Capital Health, Great West Healthcare, Gunderson Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Washington State Employee Health Plan.

That list doesn't mean it's at all easy to get it approved, but it's been done, so it's possible given the right patient and circumstances. Aetna seems the only one that considers ADR like any other treatment and I'm sure there are more... these are just what they were able to tell me that had been told were covered.
FWIW, Great West denied my cervical ADR a little over a year ago. Maybe they approve lumbar ADR?
DDD C5/6. Incorrectly diagnosed as tension headaches in September 1997.
Nearly continuous headache since.
Began having pain in wrists in 2000, believed it was onset of carpal tunnel.
In 2005 pain began getting worse.
Diagnosed as DDD in July 2007.
Surgery recommended after 6weeks of PT made the pain worse.
ADR scheduled for Jan 26, 2009. Rescheduled for August 5!
Bryan disc finally FDA approved, and just in time too.
Neck was all jacked up and had to be fused unfortunately.
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