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Default David vs Goliath

Just did a search on 'external review'. Not promising. Starting to feel like I am David and Blue Cross is GOLIATH.
Bad fall on A$$, Feb 2001 ice hockey
Lami L4/L5 April 2001, L5/S1 Aug 2001
Severe dislocated coccyx (same fall)
Un-diagnosed til 09. (Cannot sit)
Low back pain mild until 2011 - pull started a generator from knees.
rhizotomy Nov 2011 - zilch
Facet joint inj. 18 mo. (no impact)
Can only stand/walk for approx. 30 min
21 hrs/day in bed
L3-5 Activ-Ls (April 2014) Dr Zeegers - walk every day, swim 3 x week. Pain free, no pain meds. Extremely pleased with my decision
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