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The only poster on this site I'm aware of that won a third party appeal for ADR has posted her story in this thread. Her appeal is different than yours in that 1)her surgery was domestic rather than international, and 2)she went through the appeals process before surgery, rather than afterwards as you and I did.

She, gymnast1981, doesn't post here any longer but may respond to PM's. BTW: she almost four years post-surgery and is still doing very well.

Wishing you the best of luck with those disingenuous son-of-a-guns at BCBS.

C4/5 - ACDF in 2000
C5/6 - ACDF in 2002
C3/4 & C6/7 - M6 ADR, Nov 2009, Barcelona
Conceded defeat to a manifestly disingenuous BCBS-TX in my quest for reimbursement, Jan 2011
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