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A second to Jens comment, won with a small stone I might add, but you know that Henry! Posted in my thread "cervical two level, Aetna" is my lengthy story so I'll spare you here but I just lost to an external appeal, but we talked about that so you know that too!

I am contemplating filing a suit. As that is the final step, not the external appeal like they want you to think. Everyone, under every plan has this option. I'm praying for guidance on it at this point. Not being hasty, but patience is a virtue, even when in pain.

I will send my paperwork to you this week. Let's share share share info. No one has the time or energy to reinvent the wheel (the appeal, in this case) so let's all fight this fight together. I feel every win is a win for everyone. Even though my surgery is denied, there is still perseverance left in me to pave the path for others.
2004 MRI -cervical bone spur causing pain
2011 MRI -5 bulging discs at C3-7: Recommended C5-6 and C6-7 for a two level fusion, I said no thanks.
2014 MRI -progressive compression C5-7.
MRI 6/5/14- Ruptured L4-5, bulge at L2-3 and L5-S1 Dr recommends discectomy of L4-5 but won't do surgery until cervical is stable
8/2014- 8 months/3 rounds of appeals, Aetna denies 2 level cervical ADR
2 level ADR w/ mobi-c C5-7 Jan 7, 2015
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