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Default Disc Placement - Clavel vs. Bierstedt

At the end of the day, facilities, PT, amenities do not make any difference to me. The one and only most important consideration for the surgery in my book is the correct disc size and placement! If discs are not placed perfectly, any and all PTs, massages, etc. are of no use to me. If the wrong size is used, same deal.

Big question is: who has better skill and tools to ensure proper disc placement?

Is anyone aware what tools and techniques these two fine doctors use to ensure the discs are placed correctly? Do they have something unique and special to increase chances of proper disc placement?

Also, does anyone know how these two doctors choose the disc sizes?
46yo, DDD of L4-S1. Microdiscectomy L5-L4 in 2014. L4-L5-S1 M6 ADR with Dr. Clavel - June 2015.
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