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Default Hello - L1-L2 Back Injury


I am newer on this journey than many of you. I first hurt my back 8/2020 - right before my 30th birthday. Corona had altered my living situation (I was about to go on a 6 mon sabbatical to SE asia) dream trip that was cancelled due to Corona.

I found myself working with a laptop on my lap in a tiny Air BNB. This is what I think the major factor in my injury was. Bad ergonomics. Of course a 14hr roadtrip to the grand canyon + zion (each way) lots of hiking, muscle imbalances and moving some persian rugs - all within a month didn't help...

I have an L1-L2 extrusion, my pain is all backpain, however my neck is starting to hurt since I spend so much of my day laying on my back watching tv or on my phone now.

I am trying to heal naturally (if possible) because L1-L2 is no easy surgical fix. If not I may go down the road of discectomy, fusion, adr.

Never thought this would happen to me but here I am. Looking at any success using pRP, discseel, stem cells, laser surgery, drx9000....
8/20 - Initial Back injury, overuse, bad chair, long car drives, 100+ mile hiking trips, moving rugs & a lifetime of muscle imbalances & postural issues
11/2020 - Masseuse makes it 10X worse
11/20 - 6mm L1-L2 disc extrusion

Trying to get my life back

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