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There's a video on youtube by Dr Rishke showing the pro disc against the axiomed freedom, that video alone showing how the pro disc moves would be enough to put me off the pro disc!

I could get the M6 fitted in the UK which would be less hassle than going to Germany for the LP ESP which is what I think is going to happen, as I feel better going for that.

It's nowhere near as far as the states to Germany, but I'd do the journey for a better disc.
2013 - Back damaged deadlifting in the gym, recovered well and never had sciatica but life was always a little harder after this injury.

08.16 - Back/sciatica problems arose (what I class as the start of life changing problems in day to day life)

10.16 - After signifcant recovery problems arose again and life has never been the same since

02.17 - L4/5 Small bulge, L5/S1 small protrusion confirmed by MRI, L5/S1 pressed on sciatic nerve but no significant compression noted.
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