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Go ahead and send the MRI/xrays to Bierstedt, (there are others) (the USA does not allow the M6 to be implanted, yet) and get the recommendation from them, submit this to your insurance.

If they deny, they most likely will, then if you can afford it, take it out of a 401 or some other savings, pay for it, then send the Bill to the insurance, for reimbursement.

Most likely they will deny this, but use all your apples, tests, doctor visits, medications, trouble at work, trouble in life, list all, list all the problems, then APPEAL, and APPEAL again.

All the best, and best of luck, the M6 is the best choice, unless you can have the mobi c placed at the lowest level that is giving you trouble(C7T1), then fuse further up, from what other people that have cervical have told me,
Maybe do a hybrid, one level mobi-c, then fusion, or cage, then another level mobi-c then another fusion, this would be 4 levels?
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