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Default Willing to Share Insurance Submission to BCBS?


I had 3 level ADR with Dr. Clavel in Barcelona in June 2017. I am now putting together a package to submit to BCBS in Utah. I am wondering if anyone who has been through this before would be willing to share the narrative they submitted with the list of exhibits? I'm not looking for confidential information, just a shell, preferably from someone who was succesful?

If anyone has any lessons learned they are willing to share that would be great too!

53 healthy and fit except for neck, shoulder and arm pain and weakness
2015: mountain bike accident and excessive landscape work on new cabin; pain begins
2016: MRI shows at least two bulging discs; physical therapy, jogging and rowing to manage pain
2017: increased pain and weakness following too much downhill skiing in two week period
New MRI shows bulging discs at c3-c4, c4-c5, c5-c6, c6-c7; surgeon indicates need 3 level fusion or ADR
June 2017 3 level adr with m6 Dr Clavel
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