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Originally Posted by dimbmw View Post
Hello Jack

I am wondering if you considered this aspect?

I'm paranoid.

I consider everything

It's actually a curse.

Bionate 80A is in a family of polymers that has been used in medical applications for close to 20 years. If this gets me 20 years pain elimination, without impacting adjacent segments like a fusion would... I wouldn't have a major issue with going in for a surgery to replace it in 20 years.

In 30 years maybe we'll have lab grown human discs from my DNA that could be popped into my spine.

In the meantime I see the LP-ESP as the best chance of having a long term positive outcome. No fusion, or 3 d.o.f. ADR, or anything else comes close, in my mind.

On and the silicone inner core... Silicone has been in use in the medical field for like 50 years?

I expect them to last the rest of my life, but if not, by then maybe there will be even better options with better surgical techniques.

I'm playing the odds... I HAVE to do something about my chronic discomfort and pain. And from my perspective, the odds on every other option just don't look anywhere near as good as the LP-ESP...

Assuming you pick a very experienced surgeon.
L4-L5 Broad Diffuse Bulge, mildly contacting left L5 nerve root
L5-S1 Broad Central Disc Protrusion mildly impinging left S1 nerve root
"Mild scoliosis of lumbar spine".
Four central disc protrusions in thoracic spine.

C5-C6, C6-C7 bulging, bone spurs. Imaging not looking good. Successful CP-ESP's placed in Oct 2019 by Dr. Desai.

Delayed lumbar surgery to work on bone density. Considering options now, some but minimal bone density improvement. Will only use LP-ESP.
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