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Default my intro & is ADR worth the risk if not in bad pain?

Hi, I'm Rick & have had back problems for 20 years. Fortunately I don't have much pain as long as I'm not going thru a flare-up (my heart goes out to those of you who do have pain). However, my back is very sensitive & will easily go into spasm, so i have to baby it. Here's a few examples:

- I can't play sports, except I can hike & bike a little. Im 50 now & interested in gardening, but leaning forward with my knees on the ground is asking for it.
- To pick something off the floor, I have go down on 1 knee & keep my back perfectly straight.
- Before lifting a grocery bag, I have to make sure my glutes & abs are engaged first.

I was considering ADR back in 2001, but at the time my doc said he didn't like any of the designs. But now they look great, I'm considering a 2 level L3-5 ESP in Europe. I've lived in Germany for years & speak the language well, so going there is not an issue.

I'm curious if any of yous have untergone an ADR operation to improve your quality of life, even if you didn't have significant pain? thanks
50 yrs old
2001- tore L34 and L45 after chiropractor had me do a cobra stretch during a back strain, became immobile w/ chronic spasms.
2002- IDET from the inventor Dr Saal. Got mobility back, but frequent flare-ups ever since, no sports, no sitting soft chairs/sofa.
Considering ADR in hope of being more active.

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