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Hi Harrison, I'm in the SF Bay area & I'm in research mode. I appreciate this site as there's lots to read & learn. So far in my reading it seems like most of the complications have been from subsidence or misaligned ADRs. I started a thread in the Arthroplasty Forum about the Mazor Robot, which I suspect might help avoid the misalignment risk, but afaik it's not in use yet for ADRs. Since my pain is low, I could wait if there was a killer technology around the corner.
The other option i'm considering is a Transforaminal Discectomy. But since I've already had an IDET on my bad discs, I don't know if they can handle more trauma. I think my doc will order another discogram later this week. yippee
50 yrs old
2001- tore L34 and L45 after chiropractor had me do a cobra stretch during a back strain, became immobile w/ chronic spasms.
2002- IDET from the inventor Dr Saal. Got mobility back, but frequent flare-ups ever since, no sports, no sitting soft chairs/sofa.
Considering ADR in hope of being more active.
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