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If youre not in pain Id wait as long as possible. I have pain every single hour of every day. I had lumbar fusion L4-5(2006), lumbar surgery to remove bone spurs(2007), and ADR cervical C5-6(2009). Been dealing with countless syptoms from numbness tingling pain in groin, thigh, hip pelvic, abdomen, ribs, diaphragm the list goes on. I now know that Ive developed adult scoliosis, kyphosis and spodylolthesis since the surgeries. See my pics and youll see screw is coming out of the hardware thats in my neck(i have trouble swallowing and breathing at times). Im now desperate to find a Dr who is trained in removing ADR. If i could go back I would not have done either surgery, just my opinion
I had Lumbar fusion L4-5 (07/06), lumbar surgery to remove bone spurs (02/07), Cervical disc replacement(Medtronic Prestige 08/09).
I found that they had diagnosed me w/ scoliosis in 2008(but never told me) more recently diagnosed w/osteophytes complex in multiple areas, kyphosis, spodylolthesis &one of the screws in cervical disc replacement is coming loose. Anyone else dealing with hardware failure and/or unexplained similiar symptoms
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