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Originally Posted by timsdeece View Post
You are definitely not a candidate for surgery.

I feel that this is overly simplistic bad advice. Surgery has risks and can make a problem worse or leave you in pain with no recourse. Obviously, because we're talking about getting surgery to fix things, it can also fix problems and leave you in less pain.

There have been posters here who sought surgery due to a quality of life question when their pain wasn't serious. They didn't all regret it. Personally, I'd suggest investigating surgery now, while your pain is manageable, and learning what you need to know to balance how you see risks and how you'd make your decision.

Don't rush off to get surgery once you've learned enough to make that decision but make use of the time while you're not clouded with pain or pain medication to learn enough so you'll be confident of making the right decision. Waiting until you're driven by pain means you'll feel rushed and pressured, which might leave you making a decision before you've learned all you should know.
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