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I'm in a similiar boat to you. My pain is manageable, but my overall wellness is suffering because of my limitations. I am a 26 year old, former athlete, and have a completely collapsed L5-S1.

Advice that one should wait until the pain is unbearable seems like a major philisophical difference in ones view of life. Being active is major part of my identity, and being physically limited reduces the joy of life for me. Additionally, If you take really good care of yourself right now, that is likely contributing to why your symptoms aren't as bad as others in similiar situations.

With only one life to live, i'm strongly considering the surgery. I'm living the best case scenario without surgery right now, and I personally want more from life. If there are things you're unable to do that you and your surgeon think could be restored with the operation, I would say go for it.

My biggest hesitency at the moment is my age (an artificial disc will have to last me a long time if i live as long as i plan to). Still, I'm exploring all the options and think you should too!
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