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Default Tremors that start in my neck and go full body shaking...HELP!!

Hello, I noticed no one replied to my previous post. Does that man no one knows what is going on with me?? I have had all rounds of my ESI's (Epidural Steroid Injections) and got 3 wks of relief from them. I still have pain in my neck, hands and arms tingling and pain in my left arm. Shoulders still tight in muscles. Do light stretches and exercises but then I go into these shakes that start out like tremors in my neck then go to full body shaking. I don't do the stretches anymore because of that but if I do light house work or anything in my normal activity I get tremors that go into full body shakes. I have an appointment with my spine specialist on 7/22/11 hope he can help. In the mean time, does anyone think they know what is going on with me or ever heard of this before?? You can read my previous post to update on what's been done and going on since my ADR surgery on 7/28/10. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.
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