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Thank you CQ for this opportunity. I hate to get political here, but...This seems to me to be just another example of why our country needs health care reform. Its not economically feasible to provide everyone with access to everything. Our insurance that we pay decent premiums for has limitations on the number of physical therapy visits per year per injury or surgery and then it is out-of-pocket for us too. This is pretty standard. Preventative and basic care for all would be better than none for many, wouldn't you agree?
As much as so many of us in this country hate the French, we ought to look into their model of health care. It works for their citizens and most are pleased with it. I won't go into the details.
Personally, if my husband and I were umemployed temporarily, I would rather have access to basic, life-saving health care than none at all. Especially with the new bankruptcy law. Currently, we are asking for access to everything - state of the art treatments, no limits, all physicians - for people with Medicare, Medicaid and Workman's Comp. This is not a system that can be sustained economically. It will crash and there will be nothing left for all but the very wealthy.
Instead of just senior citizens getting out there to vote for Medicare, it seems to me that we all need to get out there and vote for at least basic health care for all of the people in our country. Thank you for letting me vent here. Carmont
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