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Originally Posted by JackBauer View Post
I'm MUCH more confident in the LP-ESP vs the CP-ESP.

I'm reasonably astute, not a medical doctor or a prosthetic engineer... But I don't see any other device as being nearly as well designed. And while it doesn't yet have the implantations that the ProDisc or the M6 have, it does have many years of history.

The CP-ESP has a lot less... And I worry a bit about the elastomer really holding up to 30 years of life... I held a CP-ESP in my hand and it is just tiny... And the elastomer even smaller as you can tell by the imaging.

Still think the CP-ESP is probably the right one, but I'm just a lot less confident in it than I am in the LP.
Hello Jack

I am wondering what makes you confident in LP ESP?
I am concerned about life span of its silicone nucleus.
Manufacturer did some accelerated aging tests at elevated temperatures, and claims that the prosthesis will outlive the person. But I googled the info on silicone longevity and I didn’t find any silicone part that would last more than 10-20 years. Everyone knows that in old cars all rubber parts are trash in 15-20 years for sure, and especially those bushings that absorb shocks in control arms etc.
I am wondering if you considered this aspect?

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