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Hi all!

Does anyone have a suggestion on a surgeon to see in the Boston area? You all know what I'm looking for -- someone who's up on ADR and other non-fusion techniques. Anybody have a good experience with a Boston-area doctor?

48-yr-old female, 20+ years LBP and sciatica
DDD L5/S1 diagnosed 1/2006 - sent for PT
Herniation L5/S1 2/2006 - PT/epidurals/medipacs
Microdiscectomy 12/2006, failed 12/2007
Status: L5/S1 disc completely blown out; vertabra inflamed; back and leg pain; permanently numb in much of right leg and foot; disabled

Scheduled for anterior fusion (STALIF) on 11/06/08 with Dr. Robert Banco of Boston Spine Group
Can't wait to get a life!
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