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Well, now that my wedding day has come and gone , I have decided that it's time to get serious about this crazy back of mine. I have been seeing one of the top orthopedic surgeons in NY. After 2 discograms, it was found that I had a nasty bi-lateral tear of L5-S1. I have exhausted the bed rest, P/T, injections, etc options & had an IDET done. Well, after 1 year, that was a failure as well.
The past few weeks have been very trying for me pain wise, so I decided that it's time to get the ball rolling here on getting a 2nd & possibly a 3rd opinion about this ADR surgery. I really like my current Dr., it's just that he's only done a handful of these surgeries & that's just not enough to make me comfortable about having him do the surgery. I'd also like to have another opinion as well. Can anyone here suggest an orthopedic surgeon who accepts No-Fault Insurance who is in the New York area? I live about 2 hours north of NYC. Thank you all in advance for your time. Wishing everyone all the best with their health!
Disc Bulge C4/C5, Disc Degeneration T11/T12, Bi-Lateral tears L5/S1, Diagnosed w/ Lumbar Disc Derangement w/ Radiculopaphy. Treatment: IDET, Percutaneous Discectomy, SI Joint Injection, Facet Block. All failed. Empire BC/BS Denied Coverage for ADR-lost all of my appeals. MVP also denied coverage.

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