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Default Just as well

They took the "You" out of YouTube. Maybe someone should start up MeTube. 😂

I am not one of those crazy anti vaccination people. I have had all adult immunization: meningitis, Tdap, ShingRx and my flu shot every year. But studies are coming out of the UK now that suggests the variant is resistant to the vaccine. So why should I bother until more information is available. Plus, I want to wait until a one dose vaccine is out.
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2007 fusion @ C4-6 peek cages, failed due to long term use of cox-2 inhibitor
2008 revised C4-6 donor bone, plate & screws
2009 fusion with Roi-C @ C3-4
2015 MRI & CT mjr ddd @ C6-7, segmental kyphosis at C7-T1, 2-level M6-C prosthesis by Dr. Clavel Barcelona Spain
2019 H.O. formed behind M6-C @ C6-7 left nerve rt & in spinal canal.
2020 Revision C6-7 to a CP-ESP prosthesis by Dr. Schmitz Dusseldorf Germany
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