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Before you consider revising fusions to ADR, I'd still (following up on part of my PM to you) recommend some kind of digital motion x-ray to assess your current cervical instability. ADRs are inherently less stable than a fusion, for obvious reasons, so you could end up with an overall less stable c-spine than before your three fusions.

Laura's hypermobile, self-diagnosed Ehlers Danlos, and her two cervical Prodiscs definitely increased her cervical instability. That they also replaced two desiccated and bulging disks that were causing nerve compression says we made the best decision of a bad lot of options but, nevertheless, she's now more unstable than she'd be if she'd not needed surgery at all.
Laura - L5S1 Charitee
C5/6 and 6/7 Prodisc C
Facet problems L4-S1
General joint hypermobility

Jim - minor C5-6 instability and facet damage, currently using regenerative medicine to address

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