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That is terrible. I have no idea if I am hypermobile or not. Some chiropractors say yes but who knows. If I am, its borderline. You know, I had no symptoms at all before the surgery. None. I could have just seen an osteopath. Anyway, I do not think keeping this fusion is the way to go either - my c6-c7 will become intolerable in time, then they can fuse that, then my C2 will start to go.

Is Laura's instability causing her symptoms now? Is she worse than before?

I got so enmeshed in the Jennifer Brea idea...I became convinced of something that was not even there.

I heard that for the lumbar area, they are trying something is something that totally replaces both disc and facet. But I cannot find anything like that for cervical on the horizon.

With all the other massive problems in my life, I don't know if this new one is something I can even handle.

Not to say I will ever be able to afford this, but what if someone used stem cells to try to regenerate facets and then if it helped, they could then to ADR's?

Sorry for whining and thank you for the post
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