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Originally Posted by OBXDave View Post
I'll definitely do that. Haven't seen much in the way of real study numbers for lumber stem cell replacement, just a few scattered "sponsered" results.


Dr. Hauser was recommended to me as one of the most experienced prolotheripists worldwide, so I did not hesitate to travel. $600 for a typical full lumbar treatment plus the travel cost to Chicago. So not that bad in my opinion. I'm not saying to not use someone local, but you'll need to go through the due diligence. My experience with Dr Hauser has been excellent, and although I seem to be hitting a (temporary?) wall with prolo, it gave me 9 great years. I also had carpel tunnel and elbow issues from years of high wind boardsailing and prolo solved those issues as well. Heck, even if I end up doing some alternative procedure I'd still likely return for prolo treatments if warranted.
Regenexx is a real pain to work with but if you suffer through some of the office staff to get to speaking with a doctor, you can get a better idea of what they can offer. Their results aren't published but Dr. Shultz of their clinic is actually a spine doc and was very interested in speaking with Laura about her experiences.

As for Hauser, the only two prolotherapists I'm willing to use are Hauser and Dr. Harry Adleson in Park City, UT. The two regularly consult with each other and one's better for somethings and the other's better for other. Both, though, are considered to be among the best internationally.
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