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Hi nasakido,

I thought you have no much pain after the ADR, so is that your new pain? I am going to do a single level LP-ESP ADR at my L5S1. Really worry about the disc span life time and thinking about fusing it now. What do you think and how you feel now? Any thing that you can do or you cannot do? Please share, as i love you hear from you. As you sound like taking good care of your body now by getting more healthy stuff to speed up the recovery process. Cheers Good job !!!
2010- Injured my back, recovered after 6 months.
2012- Re-injured my back, recovered after 6-9 months.
2014- Intermittent LBP, XRAY and MRI showed DDD, bulge and annular tear on L5S1 and L4/5 seem good.
2015- Re injured my back and BIG mistake going to CHIRO then my condition got worse with sciatica.
2016- MRI showed tear getting bigger caused by CHIRO.
2017- DISCOGRAM and CT, found my L5S1 torn through annulus fibrosus and pain is similar. Waiting ADR LP-ESP.
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