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$50K US not including travel and extra stay.

I followed God. He directed me specifically to Barcelona through so much confirmation it got to be absolutely bizarre. Can't get into it here but it was pretty intense.

I'm glad I followed God. He knew better than I did.

The bone density I took in the States was improperly performed. The DEXA Clavel ordered here was much more precise and showed an entirely different result. Who knew? God.

We therefore went M6. And to boot, my vertebrae were perfectly sized for large M6 end plates as if they were modeled for them. You'll see when I show pics later. It's unreal.

Beyond that, again, God, God and more God. So much God here in this. I woke up screaming 'Jesus Cristo es mi luz y mi salvacion' in the reanimacion room with all the others. Not sure if I was hallucinating. They had to wheel me out of there apparently because I was getting louder and louder.

Even Clavel said to me after, 'God was in the room with him and the surgery was perfect, perfect, perfect'. His words.

Had many people praying for me.
Weightlifter since 12 years old, now mid-40's and figuring out this wasn't such a good idea.

Chronic back pain started in 2010 while shrugging weights that a 40 yr. old shouldn't even try.

MRI in 2012 showing L4/L5, L5/S1 herniations and L2/L3 bulge.

L5/S1 taking on new shape, chronic sciatica, etc.

DEXA bone scan performed 5/7/14 showing mild osteopenia.

Surgery performed July 9th, 2014, Dr Clavel, hybrid three level lumbar.