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Default costs

A 2 level fusion in Fl. would be anywhere from about $85 to $120k. Because my bad disc's are from an auto accident, the other party has to be sued, all the doc's work under a letter of protection and once my attorney is done, he negotiates settlements with each party, so cost is up in the air. Dr Bierstedt was 30,000 euro all in except flight, Dr Clavel is 29,790, no hotel or transport. I have not got a quote for VIP services, which would include these, I guess. I know it would cost more to do it here, plus it would be 2 fusions, which would then be 3 in a row. I am 100% certain that would lead to future problems above and below. If I pay for this, while not a guarantee, I feel confident that I will be afforded a better quality of life with the ADR's. I firmly believe that the first fusion restricted my range of movement and set me up for where I am now. I guess the upside is, with the auto insurance I may get my money back, but it is not guaranteed. I will update on VIP services when I find out.
1979 car accident: rear ended
1980 ACDF C4-5
4/8/11 stopped, hit again
3 epidurals, PT, 2 MRI's,etc.
scheduled 3 times for C5-6, 6-7 fusion,
plus laminectomy at C3-4, and C 7, advised to do Bilateral lamino-foraminotomy C5-6, C6-7,a Percutaneous Discectomy L4 -L5
7/14 RFA on L3 to L5 (awake, local only)
C5-6,6-7 M-6 ADR with Dr. Clavel 9/17/14,
12/7/15 RFA L2-S1, Facet injections C2-7
6/3/16 RFA L2-S1, epidural L4,5, 8/26/16 RFA C1-7