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Hi Mark,

I contacted the Medtronic agent and she said that she can't give me any information about the Maverick disc as it isn't approved in the States, but she's trying to find a Canadian agent to give me more information. She did say that their cervical model, the Prestige, contains about 5% though.

The ProDisc agent said that all of their products contain .02% Nickel. I have contacted the lab that is going to do an allergy blood test to see if they can tell me if that is small enough amount to not cause problems. I don't know how that works.

Thanks for all the help.

C3/4-5/6- Mod. ant., severe posterior bulging w. nerve root compression. Sev. narrowing of spinal canal with cord compression.

L4/5/S1- Mod. narrowing, bulging disc, significant hypertrophy of flava lig.

Highly allergic to all metals.

NEW: 3/16/2010: Successful surgery in Brazil w. Dr. Pimenta; Nuvasive NeoDisc at C5/6, and XLIF & ALIF at L4/5/S1 w. PEEK cages. No rods, screws, plates. Non-metal lumbar ADR not available at present time, so went with fusion.
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