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Thanks for the input. I had shied away from the ActivL for the same reason I might shy away from the Freedom (whenever it comes out): No surgeon is going to have that much experience with such a new disc. I assume that their skills from using other discs will largely transfer, but would rather be, e.g., Clavel's 2000th M6 disc, or someone else's (also of stellar caliber) 10th Freedom?

That's not rhetorical lol. I'd really like to know what people think about using the latest and greatest, assuming a great surgeon, but one who simply cannot have had many years of experience with the disc being used.

Edit: I just came across this when researching the Freedom disc:
This is the guy that's one of their spokesmen?? He seems to be officially associated with them:
* 40's, otherwise healthy, back pain for many years.
* DDD at L4/L5. Facet pain at same level.
* Multiple RF ablations, with inconsistent/marginal results.
* Single-level disc replacement with Dr. Clavel, Sept. 2017. Went well, recovery MUCH faster and less painful than anticipated. Now need to get active again and keep back in shape!

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