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Thanks Harrison. I did read the Ritter-Lang stuff. Obviously not good. But, it sounds like they have cleaned up their act. Would you agree? I'm leaning towards Clavel regardless, but I'm wondering what the current thought on Ritter-Lang is.

For those who are pro Ritter-Lang, might I ask why? My assessment is pretty superficial, and goes like this: Ritter-Lang had problems, at least in the past. Maybe they are all 100% resolved -- I don't know. Everything I read about Clavel is positive -- no problems in the past. So, why not go with Clavel?
* 40's, otherwise healthy, back pain for many years.
* DDD at L4/L5. Facet pain at same level.
* Multiple RF ablations, with inconsistent/marginal results.
* Single-level disc replacement with Dr. Clavel, Sept. 2017. Went well, recovery MUCH faster and less painful than anticipated. Now need to get active again and keep back in shape!
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