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Originally Posted by Johntpr View Post
I had 2 lower level M6-L done by Dr Clavel a montb ago and am doing very well.

If I can help you answer any questions, let me know
I'm curious about how your recovery went (I know it's ongoing, but I assume you are through the worst of it). One thing that I find confusing (if only there were just one thing) is that different doctors seem to have pretty different views on recovery time for what amounts to the same operation (regardless of the disc used, almost all are using an anterior approach).

I had one doctor say he could do the surgery as an outpatient procedure if I wanted (to which I said "Hell no!"), which sort of implies to me that it's ok to do normal movements immediately. I read that Clavel wants you to lay there and not move at all for a day. And at the more onerous end of the spectrum (not that this necessarily conflicts with the previous statements -- it's a different question), I've had doctors say that I probably won't be able to go back to doing a full day of work (at a desk job mind you -- no manual labor) for 1 to 3 months. That seems like a long time for just sitting at the computer.

Input from anyone that's gone through this would be great.
* 40's, otherwise healthy, back pain for many years.
* DDD at L4/L5. Facet pain at same level.
* Multiple RF ablations, with inconsistent/marginal results.
* Single-level disc replacement with Dr. Clavel, Sept. 2017. Went well, recovery MUCH faster and less painful than anticipated. Now need to get active again and keep back in shape!
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