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Default My story. Strange symptoms, need suggestions.

My situation is interesting, concerning and uncomfortable and I'd like some input, as my doctor has been useless...

Male: 31 years old.

Medication: None


- 7 years ago: injured my neck in a car accident and have bulged discs, arthritis and disc degeneration. I have constant pain.

- 5 years ago: work injury and blew out lumbar discs L4/L5 and L5/L6 (Yes, I have an extra) and have significant degenerative disc disease and have constant pain.

- 1 year ago: car accident and injured my thoracic spine (T7), pain believed to be from interspinous ligament. Car accident aggravated my lumbar back injury as well.


- Tingling: Groin, testicles, between buttocks. Periodic for 10-30 seconds but happens many times a day.
- Tingling/Numbness: Both feet. Random, does not happen every day. Have also had numbness on hamstring area.
- Excessive Sweating: Buttocks, back, forehead. Sweating triggered by heat, activity, stress. Sometimes so bad that my clothes will be completely drenched.
- Hot Flashes: Random hot flashes that produce full body excessive sweating.


- Thyroid and urine test for pituitary tumour. Negative.
- General blood tests that were fine.
- MRI of low back shows degeneration at L4/5 and L5/L6.
- CT of neck shows degeneration at C5/6 and C6/7.

Time Line:

- The symptoms listed above started RIGHT after the most recent car accident (May 23, 2017) and aggravation of injuries, I think it is too coincidental to think they are unrelated. These symptoms were NEVER an issue prior to this car accident.

- I have been otherwise healthy aside from back/neck pain prior to these symptoms appearing.


- Has anyone ever had or heard of something like this happen after an injury?
- I have heard of people having excessive sweating issues in random and strange areas with spine injuries or after surgery. Is this possibly the problem for me and could it be resolved with disc replacement??
- Any other thoughts or suggestions on how to stop this or deal with it, especially the sweating issue?

Dr.Clavel Suggestion

- Replacement at L4/5, L5/6
- Replacement at C5/6, C6/7

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