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Just two points from my side. Yes, stop smoking. Why risk it? You are going into a knife fight, be in as best of shape as your present heath allows. As to knowledge of support staff, yes, always frustrating - but you are seeking the opinion of the surgeon, not the staff. When I visited Yue a few years ago, he was rushing to catch a plane to Germany to assist Dr Bert on a complex surgery. Or at least that is what he said
Pre Surgery:
C3-C4:Mild disc osteophytes. Mild-moderate right facet arthrosis. Mild right foraminal stenosis.
C4-C5:Midline central disc protrusion, significant. Mild canal stenosis.
C5-C6:Moderate disc osteophytes. Mild-moderate canal stenosis. Moderate-severe bilateral foraminal stenosis.
C6-C-7:Mild-moderate disc osteophytes. Mild canal stenosis. Moderate left and moderate-severe right foraminal stenosis.
June 29,2016-3 level M6 (C4-C7) Dr. Clavel Barcelona