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I find it interesting that the studies on the LP-ESP state that it passes a number of biocompatibility tests.

But it also mentions that after 10 million cycles in a saline solution...

"The tests looking for salted out or released matter showed
the emission of\1 mg/kg methylene diphenyl 4-4 diisocyanate and of 64.9 mg/kg of 4-4 methylene diamine. These
results are consistent with the data in the literature "

Wikipedia suggests that MDA is a suspected carcinogen. And:

"The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set a permissible exposure limit at 0.01 ppm over an eight-hour time-weighted average, and a short-term exposure limit at 0.10 ppm"

So to me - 64.9 mg per kg of saline... That seems like a lot.
L4-L5 Broad Diffuse Bulge, mildly contacting left L5 nerve root
L5-S1 Broad Central Disc Protrusion mildly impinging left S1 nerve root
"Mild scoliosis of lumbar spine".
Four central disc protrusions in thoracic spine.

C5-C6, C6-C7 bulging, bone spurs. Imaging not looking good. Successful CP-ESP's placed in Oct 2019 by Dr. Desai.

Delayed lumbar surgery to work on bone density. Considering options now, some but minimal bone density improvement. Will only use LP-ESP.
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