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Hi everyone, had my bone density exam today, and have actually improved since last year, which was great news. I was a bit worried but came thru w/ flying colors. I believe that is my last exam/procedure I have to take care of before I leave Saturday for Germany. Whew. I'm actually mostly packed, so now I can do something fun like get a pretty pedicure! God forbid Dr. B should operate on me w/ ugly, unpainted toes! lol Well, that's about it. I might drop in once more before I leave. And I will certainly do my best to keep everyone updated post-surgery. Thank you for all the support that's paved the way for this decision. My only regret w/ having to go abroad is naturally not having my grown children able to come and visit. But I know it's a small price to pay to have Dr. Bertagnoli perform this surgery. Enough said. (remember, my surgery date is moved to Monday, April 16th)
bicycle accident 6/19/01
2 compression fractures, T12, L1;
vertibroplasty @ above levels, 9/15/01
4/06 hip labral tear repair
4/07 Lumbar ProDisc replacement by Dr. B., 3 levels; L3-6
7/2/08 ALIF of L6-S1
7/30/08 Removed bone cement.
8/7/08 Diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, double pneumonia, collapsed left lung, pleurisy, pleural effusion.
3/10/09 right SI Joint Fusion; seeing light at end of tunnel, for first time in 8 years!!
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