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Default document, document, document

Documenting everything is a given. I was turned down for Social Security Disability after four consecutive surgeries, acknowledging my fate and filling out all their extensive paperwork and then being instructed to see the Social Security Doctor who asked me to jump up and down! I just barely made it to his office. I refused because although I knew I could do it, it would have caused me a considerable amount of pain and who knows what kind of damage. I have no kind words for our system. The doctor said I was just fine to work. This forced me to hire a lawyer who then informed me that the doctor was hired to say that so they could turn me down and our judges will not award Disability to someone not represented by a lawyer. Of course, I still had to do all the paperwork for the appeal too. The lawyer's job was to show up in court with me by his side, answer 10 minutes of questions and collect his 20% fee. After three years of no income and four surgeries plus an appeal, I got finally got it. Thereafter, I had two more surgeries that still didn't get me back in a state of being able to work. I suspect dealing with the insurance company will be a similar joyless battle. I keep meticulous records!

Right now, my focus is on trying to find a solution to this endless cycle of pain. I'll fight the insurance company if I think it's a fight I can win. I may even hire a lawyer because the system is designed to wear us out and make us go away. This is how a for profit health care system operates.
2006: epidural shots did nothing; 2 surgeons recommended 2 level fusion, I declined.
2007 - 2010 4 foraminotomy and cord decompression cervical surgeries and 2 endoscopic discectomy T7-T8 surgeries; total 6 with Dr. Jho (Pittsburgh,PA) My C6/C7 autofused around 2009.
2013 - 2015: epidurals 3 times (again did nothing) and 4 Radiofrequency ablation (or RFA) procedures.
2016 more RFAs, hit the 10 year mark of this insanity and pain, 3 level M6-C ADR with Dr. Clavel May 19, 2016
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