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The Mobi Cervical is approved in the U.S. for 2 levels, I believe. That FDA approval data might assist you in your documentation.

Herniated discs at C5/6 & L3/4, 4/5, and S 1
2000 IDET in L 3/4-S1 & no improvement
2010 Micro-Disc & Lam L 3/4-S1 failed after 12 months
2012 Re-do Mico-Disc & Lam L3/4-S1 but still have significant pain in hip and back and leg
2013 Stem Cell Injections L 3/4-S1 & C5/6 helped temporarily but not enough for what I spent $$$
2015-February Mobi ADR at C5/6 with Dr. Blumenthal at Texas Back in Dallas. So far doing well. Will address lumbar surgery after I heal from cervical surgery.
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