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Default Insurance

The Insurance in the USA is bad and it will get A LOT worse, if at ALL.

I am waiting to see how much longer my distraction will take and what if any permanent damage I have.

The Fighting for me lasted over a year, and I finally paid, funny, they did give me some reimbursement, but only after a long battle, much pain, and they would let you die from all the pain meds, rather than let you have a surgery and be done with it.

Let us hope we can get some 'reasonable' politicians in office,

REPEAL this monstrosity,
TORT reform and access for ALL insurance in ALL fifty states.
The state by state insurance is HORRENDOUS, they fight every procedure, and there are 20 bureaucrats for every medical person, and even a lot of these are not Doctors, this is INSANITY.

I wish you all the best, if you can pay for it somehow, that would be best and get reimbursement, if not, schedule the doctors appointment and proceed as far as you can, fight this, there is NO reason to NOT pay this, and you have an FDA approved device.

again, good luck.
Jerry, Somewhere Ohio

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