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Default ProDisc C recovery/questions

I have a surgery scheduled for a discectomy and prodisc C replacement in 5 weeks. I have a herniated disc, C5 I think?? that is touching the spinal cord as well as pinching the nerve. I have also lost the curvature in my neck... not sure if the surgery will help that or not.

I'm a 27yo female, thin build and in moderate shape.

I'm just wondering how recovery is going to go. I am a single mom to a 1 year old little girl and do not have much help available after the surgery. I will be flying an online friend in for the first week to help. I'm just worried about after that first week. Will I not be able to lift up or care for my child??

I've seen a lot of people post that the surgeon told them to just "listen to their bodies" during recovery. I am fine with this as I am well in tune to my body.

I'm just worried about having to take out the garbage, bring the groceries in, change my babies diapers, etc. Is this all going to be impossible/harmful for me??

Also, does anybody know what the driving rule is after this procedure? Is there no driving allowed until the post-op followup (10-14 days), or does it vary by surgeon??

How long were you out of work? I sit at computer for 12 hours a shift and it really strains my neck, I'm worried about going back too soon.

Any experience/advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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