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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
TumbleBug, your situation sounds unusual, even when compared to the diversity of patients in this community. Though you've had some pathology since age 14, the rate of recent changes you describe sounds concerning. I'd like to know more about what you recall from 1998 that might be relevant to your spinal health. Do you really think carrying books could have caused this? Our bodies are tougher and more resilient that this!

Have you seen doctors that are not specialists, but look at the whole person's health? E.g., DO, ND, functional or integrative medicine doctor? If you have a systemic problem, an orthopedic fix might only address part of the problem. It just depends on where the pathology manifests; locally or systemically.

Does this thought process make sense to you? I hope it does! I have more questions, as usual, but don't want to drive you crazy. More later.
That actually makes a lot of sense. I just remember my neck and thoracic back hurting me all day and night when I was about 14. I told my parents but they just rolled their eyes. I was probably 70 pounds at that age, carrying probably 50 pounds in a back pack daily and from class to class. I was always complaining that my bed hurt my back. I've probably gone through 6 mattresses in the last 10 years.

But.. I do have symptoms of an autoimmune disorder, but blood work keeps coming back normal.

PT today nearly killed me today. 25 pounds of c-spine traction and I could barely get up from the table afterwards. Not going back. Surgery is in 3 weeks and 2 days. Also received my MRI images on a cd this afternoon. Should load those up.

Oh and both of my parents have bad backs so I'm guessing most of this is hereditary. Who knows. If I could just find ONE good doctor that will sit down and go through all of my history and crap. But everyone just wants to send you to somebody else.
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