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Default Dr. Zigler

I was able to get to Dallas, TX and meet with Dr. Zigler, thank God. He viewed all my mri's, xray's, ct scan, as well as ordered more tests to see what was going on.

I had a facet block and a discogram, my C5 and C4 are both bad and have to be replaced. I am thanking God I did not go through a revision on the Pro Disc at C6 as Dr. Zigler let me know it is not too far forward and the alignment is ok. I cannot believe how close I came to making a mistake.

Now, I am waiting for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to approve whatever Dr. Zigler orders and hope I will be able to have my surgery with him and get my life back.
12/2008 early am gym class-something very wrong
2/2009 DDD 4 herniated cervical discs
3/3009-8/2009 8 spinal epidurals, pt
09/2009 C6/7 Prodisc C ADR
11/2010 facet joint inj 12/2010 Rhizotomy TBI Dr. Cottingham months of relief
05/2011 facet Joint Inj 06/2011 Rhizotomy
7/2011 Dr. Zigler TBI, facet block and Discogram
11/18 surgery with Dr/Mr. Boeree..Thank God.

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