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Default Nope

I called Dr. Balderston's office a few times but kept being connected to Dr. Scott A Rushton's office. When his staff answered I was told that Dr. Balderston does not work on the cervical spine.
I find it amusing that one of the big reasons I left Hershey is because they want to set me up with a neuro doc that specializes in epilepsy. In Philly they even specialize on what PORTION of the spine they want to work on!

I don't even know if Dr. Rushton does ADRs yet.

I ran across this US News Hospital ranking for what its worth...

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

That would not be too hard to get to. I'm researching them next.
3/2002 L5-S1 microdiscectomy- went well
1/2012 C6,7 arthritic, ADR recommended
BCBS will cover
UPDATE: No doc since the first surgeon has recommended an ADR. It now looks like I am up for another microdiscectomy / foraminotomy
I'm certain I am not the last for such a diagnosis change so we can all still learn from each others experiences!
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