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The design of the M6 is simply more novel than the Prodisc-C. Theoritically, it should work "better". If it were FDA approved, I would most likely choose it. However, it is not and that is largely why I am choosing a Prodisc-C. If I were to go overseas to have my procedure done, I would want an M-6C. With all of that said, for me personally, I would rather have my procedure done in the US and more specifically, in a fairly local area. I think that having a physician there before and after to work with me (as mine has throughout my process) and then to potentially address any post op issues, far outweighs the benefits of the actual implant. Again, this is only my opinion though. I think that this is something that each person has to come to grips with on thier own to make the best decision for themselves. To quote a good friend of mine, "Nobody cares about me, more than me..."
41 y/o Male, Successful Disc Arthroplasty Procedure (Prodisc C in Tampa, FL) with excellent outcome June 2011... January 2012 had 3rd episode of "throwing out my back", Lumbar Pain radiating down buttocks and into both legs, MRI shows centrally Herniated L5-S1, Bilateral S1 ESI scheduled beginning March 2012...
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