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What replacement device is your doctor using? Might I suggest you call the manufacturer and ask for a list of doctors who have completed the training for the surgery and then call each doctor to find out how many surgeries he has completed.

I'm from Ohio and wanted the information for ProDisc-C. I called Synthes and they sent me a list, then I called each one (multiple doctors from same hospital have completed the training, so this makes lists manageable). Their number is 800-895-7764

I've found that the midwest is way behind the rest of the U.S. in cervical ADR's. My husband had an ankle replacement, 5 years ago at the University of Iowa, Iowa City. Maybe call them. Or check my posting for doctors in Michigan in ARTHROPLASTY CENTRAL. There are several members who have received cervical replacements within the last few months but don't know how many surgeries their doctors have performed (Muskegon, Detroit, and Lansing). Maybe they will chime in.

The only surgeons who have done many surgeries, that I know of, are on the west coast, Dr. Delamarter, Santa Monica and another one in Seattle, Texas, and Dr. Yue at Yale University out east. I'm sure there are others, so hopefully the members will give you some answers. Good luck, Sandy

Another thought - if you need more than one ADR it is critical to find an experienced surgeon because placement is critical. Don't mean to say placement is not important with a single ADR, but understand more difficult in two or more? I'm a novice at this so hopefully the more technically educated members will be helpful. Still another thought. Take time to read posts. It will take days, and may be confusing, but the insight is so important.
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